Meet the Editors: Martin Geiger

Martin Geiger is an Assistant Professor of “Politics of Human Migration and Mobility” at Carleton University.

His research, teaching and writings focus on migration and mobility from an interdisciplinary perspective. Primary concerns are the multitude of state and non-state actors involved in governing cross-border mobility today, the various modes and ‘tools’ that have been invented to ‘manage’ flows of people, and the real-life effects these interventions have on persons crossing borders, societies and political systems.

Martin’s publications in English include ‘The Politics of International Migration Management’, International Organizations and the Politics of Migration’, The Transformation of Migration Politics: From Migration Control to Disciplining Mobility’ and The Production of a Safe Neighbourhood and the Disciplining of International Mobility.

He has held visiting scholar appointments at different universities and research centres in Europe and North America. He is also the founding editor of ‘Mobility & Politics’, a board member of ‘Palgrave Communications’ and a former faculty member and now honorary member of the distinguished German Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies (IMIS) at Osnabrück University.


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