Mobile Desires

9781137464200.inddMobile Desires: The Politics and Erotics of Mobility Justice

The authors place the field of mobilities research in conversation with feminist and queer studies to offer new ways of thinking about mobility justice. While much mobility scholarship seeks to transform the structures that unevenly distribute mobility across populations, mobilities research rarely engages theories of affect and embodiment and thus misses the opportunity to consider the mobility of desires and desiring subjects. In contrast, this edited collection foregrounds academic, activist, and artistic work that unpacks the ways in which state-sponsored strategies for managing the physical movement of people as mechanisms for aligning erotic and political desires with capitalist and nationalist interests. Through an examination of immigration and asylum regimes, international education exchanges, global tourism industries, and local policing practices, this volume advances a set of critical practices designed to understand and, ideally, unsettle the systems of power allocating mobility rights and the capacity to control where, when, and how one’s body moves.